Your business and operations are a hit.

Now you want to reinvest in your company by opening a second or third location, improve your equipment, expand your facilities or exercise those lease options. Our SPC secured business expansion loan can provide the cash you need to finance these types of activities.

We will work with you and your team to subjectively underwrite with flexibility.  Every loan that we do at SPC is unique, and custom tailored to the situation of our client.  We will attempt to take everything into consideration, analyzing the business plan, financial projections and operational history.   As long as we can meet our overall underwriting guidelines and the loan request makes sense, and there is an ability to repay the loan, we are interested in your package.

When a new opportunity arises, such as expanding into a new location, quick and concise decision making is crucial. We can assist with your need for immediate financing, so waiting to be prequalified can sometimes lead to missed opportunities. Expanding your financial horizons can catapult your small business into the upper echelon of great companies.